About Us


We are small indie game studio that specializes in development of online multiplayer board games for Mobile, Consoles and WEB.
Our most popular game is called “Rento” (or Rento Fortune). You can read more about it on PlayRento.com website.
(This game we also produced as printed version, that can be purchased here: https://PlayRento.com/Store)

Apart from Rento we have made 13 other board games, that people can play with friends
(This includes Backgammon, Chess, Ludo, Nine-Men’s Morris, Poker, Skrabyl, Bridge-Belote, DrawIt, Farmassonne, 3 5 8, 66, ..).
All of them (+ Rento) are united in one gaming portal called BoardGamesOnline.Net
As we are Bulgarian company (and we know the Bulgarian market well), we also have all these games in our Bulgarian gaming portal called Lan.BG


The company was Founded in 2011 and in the first 3 years we did not have any funding (apart from our own invested capital and time).
We had vision to create the best multiplayer game portal in Bulgaria (and not only). That’s when we started Lan.bg portal.
Unfortunately most of our games were not success..not until the 12th one (just before we give up) – Rento.
Rento was firstly released in June 2014 in Lan.bg portal. This year we realized that Bulgarian market is too small to allow our company to grow and make sufficient income.
Then we focused on Mobile. We started poring our top games to mobile (Android and iOS).
We ported Skrabyl, Backgammon, Bridge-Belote and others. They however were not big of a success.
Then we made one last attempt and ported Rento. This is when the game exploded. People went crazy in Google Play.
The game was making thousands of downloads per day..and that was awesome. This is the point in which it all proof our efforts to be worth it.

From that point on, we could afford investing more in Rento and the other games. We developed few more games, but our main focus was (and still is) on improving Rento and growing its online community.

In 2017 we decided to bring Rento’s graphics to the next level (3D) and port the game to Consoles.
In January 2018 the game was ported to PS4. Later in June 2018 the game was ported to Xbox too. Finally in July 2018 we also ported it to Nintendo Switch.


Our future plans for now are to keep improving Rento, in parallel with possibly making Virtual Reality (VR) version of it.
We also intend to enter new markets (as China and Japan) and possibly establish entity there.
We also plan to bring some of our other games to consoles in 2019.